Upcoming Poetry Titles

I have lots of exciting upcoming ideas for Poetry books that I plan to release over the next year and beyond.

Pillow Thoughts II: Coming August 7th and available for Pre-Order here: <Link>

The follow-up to my best selling title Pillow Thoughts. This book is the second part of the Pillow Thoughts collection and I plan for a total of four titles, Pillow Thoughts III Mending the Mind and Pillow Thoughts IV Stitching the Soul and perhaps a couple of special edition releases. 🙂

Poetry Playlist

This title is going to be a series split up into smaller books, and eventually coming together in one bigger book. The idea is having sections split up like playlists. Currently I have 6 sections (playlists) with just over half already completed. I plan to start releasing the first “playlists” later this year!

Poems For Paws

This title is very close to my heart and is dedicated to our four legged friends: Dogs. I’ll be donating a portion of royalties from this title to a Dog shelter/Animal charity, which will be selected closer to the time of release. I am very excited about this book, it’s all complete and ready to go, I am juust choosing marketing wise when the best time would be. Make sure you post #poemsforpaws across your social media if you want to see this book on shelves!