Upcoming Novels

Despite all the poetry releases and their success, my novels are still my strongest passion and something I’m working very hard on. So I wanted to write an update about the developments of my upcoming novels. I have two that I am working on write now, with another idea for a third one.

One thing that I always try to ensure I do is thorough research so I can provide an authentic ‘view’ into the world I am showing through my writing, this causes the books to sometimes take a long time to be finished and released, but in my opinion it is worth it because I want my readers to have the best experience possible when they choose to buy one of my books.

Finding Marnie

This is a story that centres around a german shepherd. There are four main characters Marnie, Jack, Amelia and Kate. They come from all different walks of life, but in the story become connected by a dog called Echo. Each character learns to deal with their past over the story, and they all have a unique bond with the dog. Marnie grew up on a ranch, Jack has lost his sister, Amelia is a veternary nurse and activist for dog rights and Kate is an LAPD detective – along with Echo, they have an adventure that they’ll never forget!

Life According to Lennon

Life According to Lennon follows Lennon, an almost thirteen year old with a serious illness, Avery, a nurse working in emergency and Heath, a criminal defence lawyer. When Avery meets Lennon, she wants to do everything to help her. But when she starts stealing a trial drug for Lennon to get better, she breaks the law. When she’s caught, how can Heath help her? How do you argue truth and justice, if all Avery was doing was trying to save a young girls life? Find out soon….